Wednesday, June 9, 2021

My First Covid-19 Vaccination

I am not an avid supporter for Covid-19 vaccine as I strongly believe our own immune system is capable of dealing with the virus. However, some of us are virtually been "forced" to take the vaccination due to employment reason. So much for human right.

One of the Vaccination Dispensing Centre in Putrajaya is Dewan Seri Seroja at Precint 15 where I was assigned for my first jab.

A week before my appointment date, I been told there had been a 4 hours long wait before getting their shot. This is due to people not adhering to the appointment time and they just came to join the queue.

For those coming for the first dose, the line started at the rear entrance of the venue. Those coming for the second dose will queue at the front main entrance.

I notice there has been a lesson learnt from those manning the venue this time around. The guard will call out the appointment time and allow those who had been allocated the time into the make shift tent for early verification. Those who came too early from their appointment time will remain in their queue waiting for their turns.

My appointment was at 8.30am and I saw the vaccine arrived around 8.20am under police escort.

Beyond this point, camera is not allowed. Basically, you prepare your IC for identification at the registration desk before moving to the first floor to complete the Covid-19 Vaccination Form. A word of caution, at this point, it is a point of no return as you are basically been "forced" to agree to receive the vaccine injection. 

After completing the form, you will be seeing a doctor who will explain about the side effects of the vaccine. This is also the time to tell the doctor if you have any health problems. There are 2 vaccines available here; Pfizer and Sinovac and the doctor will assess which one will you get.

Since I do not have any health problem, Sinovac was assigned to me. I am thanking my lucky star as I am not getting those gene therapy vaccine. Since Sinovac is an inactivated vaccine, I have more peace of mind taking it. I would have to think how to escape from the centre should I get other type of vaccine.

The shot was quick and smooth and soreness started to develop at my arm in less than 5 minutes after the jab. 

After the jab, you have to collect the vaccination reminder card which you need to bring for your second dose. My next appointment is in 3 weeks time.

After collecting the reminder card, we are directed to the observation room at the ground floor. Here, we were observed for 20 minutes for any complication.

Overall, the vaccination process went smoothly and it was 9.20am by the time I exited the centre. It has been 48 hours since the first jab at the time of writing and I have not developed any symptoms or side effect from the vaccine except for the mild pain at the injection point.

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Taco Bell said...

You don't believe in covid vaccine; you are an independent thinker.
Not a herd follower.
That is very rare in Malaysia or Asia in general.