Sunday, October 6, 2013

50th Anniversary Sarawak Independence in Malaysia Exhibition

In conjunction with the 50th year anniversary of Sarawak Independence since joining Malaysia in 1963, there had been an exhibition on this milestone at Sibu Heritage Centre from 27 September until 6th October 2013.

It is nice to see that Sibu Heritage Centre has been put to good use for this occasion. The exhibition would complement the museum on the first floor.

The history of Sarawak were briefly depicted here, especially after it was handed over to the Brooke's family in 1841 by the Brunei Sultanate. It is quite educational as well to see the different design of the Sarawak's flag since its establishment until this very day.

Sarawak was ruled by 3 "White Rajahs" for over a century before the "country" was ceased to the British.

There were also a lot of old photos of Sibu town on display here which are rather nostalgic, especially for the older generation. Some of those structures/facilities are still around while some had gave way for development.

This is a photo of the Standard Chartered Bank which still exist today at the exact location in the heart of the town.

The exhibition somehow try to showcase the progress of Sibu town since it establishment until the present day. I had no idea about their target groups but I find it rather disappointing as the information board/text was mainly in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin without any room for English.

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