Saturday, October 12, 2013

GUNPLA Expo Malaysia 2013

GUNPLA Expo Malaysia 2013 is held from 8-13 October 2013 at Ikano Power Centre main concourse.

I notice there are a huge number of Gundam's fan, be it young or old. I have some interest in the anime as well although I has yet to own a model.

GUNPLA is the common name for plastic models of Mobile Suits, Mobile Armor and other robots or battleships that appear on the "Mobile Suit GUNDAM" series.

GUNPLA has evolved over the span of 30 years. Technological improvements have made it possible to assemble the models with ease. Flexible movement to recreate the poses from the favorite scene as compare to the earlier model kits.

It is amazing to see some of the creative design by some of the collectors in this expo.

My favorite Gundam series would be the Seed, Seed Destiny and 00. Most of those mobile suits including the latest version/upgrade are on display here.

I had not watch Gundam's latest series which is the Age. The mobile suits design and storyline seem to cater for the younger age group segment.  

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