Friday, September 27, 2013

328 Katong Laksa @ Sibu

328 Katong Laksa is a popular franchise in Singapore and now it has an outlet in my hometown, Sibu. Strategically located at Premier Shopping Centre, it is perfect place for lunch for the office workers nearby.

The interior is simple, clean and comfortable. There is a stretch of wall which is filled with photos of celebrities and others at the 328 outlet in Singapore. This outlet is probably owned by the Easy Drink Easy Go franchise owner here.

One thing I like about the place is that one can have a full view of what is going on in one of the busiest street in the town.

The big laksa (RM 9.90) came out pretty fast and I notice the difference between the big and the small bowl is the extras they put in it.

The big bowl will have a few prawns, fish and cockles in it. It has a watery broth and the coconut milk was a bit diluted. The broth actually tastes like a home cooked laksa.

Overall, the laksa can pass my taste buds. For those who grew up with Sarawak Laksa, the 328 Katong Laksa will have some hard time to win the local's heart.

The rojak (RM 5.90) took like forever to arrive. It looks like any Chinese rojak in the market but the sauce has a twist in it. Instead of the usual sweet rojak sauce, it has a hint of salty and sour flavour to it.

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