Saturday, September 21, 2013

2013 Mid-Autumn Festival @ Rejang Park

I always make a point to return to my hometown for the last 3 years or so for the Mid-Autumn Festival just to be with my family.

My flight was delayed for some 30 minutes and the air craft touched down at 1900. I should count my blessing as I still in time to bring my 1 year old son to Rejang Park to see the lanterns here.

The traffic garden in Rejang park was swarmed with hundreds of people with people from all walks of life carrying lanterns and walking around while appreciating lanterns carried by other.

The Kung Ming lanterns are also start t get popular for the last couple of years as I notice more of such lanterns were release to the sky this year.

This garden party has been an annual affair for me since I knew my wife and I wish I could return again next year with my family.

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wenn said...

wow, such big celebration over there!