Sunday, March 25, 2012

Secret Garden Grill

Secret Garden Grill has been established in Sibu roughly about a year now and finally I manage to dine in it after reading a few reviews.

The interior is really nice. Empty Carlsberg bottles are mainly used as the decoration. Definitely a relaxing place to dine.

This place served mainly Carlsberg draught beer and surprisingly Connors Stout Beer.Unfortunately, they don't have Connors that night and I had to settled with "Cool Man" (RM 5.90), a concoction of soda and peppermint flavour syrup. Definitely not my kind of drink

A hot glass of lemon tea (RM 2.80). This is basically tea from a tea bag.

Grilled chicken salad (RM 11.90) with thousand island sauce. The grilled chicken slice are nicely done and goes well with the lettuce, shredded cabbage and carrot.

Fish and Chips (RM 13.50) is pretty average. This is definitely not their specialty. My wife told me before their beef steak was tough too. I start to have an impression that maybe western meal might not be their strong point.

The burger is probably their specialty and I ordered a Double Cheese Beef burger (RM 16.90). It's really huge and thick. The beef patty is delicious and definitely home made. It's so thick it is almost impossible to hold it in your hand and eat it. Easily the best burger in town.

It's probably only worth ordering their burgers as the other dishes are nowhere impressive.

Secret Garden Grill
No. 50-52, Lorong Langsat 5, Jalan Pedada

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wenn said...

the burger looks yummy..