Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Putrajaya Botanical Garden, located at Precinct 1 is designed as an arcadia or a national sanctuary for Malaysian plant taxonomy and act as a centre for education & research. Entrance is free of charge

From the Visitor Centre, a 170m Canopy Bridge spans across a valley planted with samples of rainforest trees such as meranti, kapur and keruing.

The garden is divided into different themes such as Explorer's Trail, Canopy Bridge, Heliconea Trail, Vine Garden, Palm Hill, Sun Garden, African Collection, Bougainvillea tunnel, Fern Garden, Tropical American Collection, Asia Pacific Collection, Hibiscus Walk, Canna Walk and Lakeside.

Explore and discover the beauty of indigenous plants and natural landscapes of the world's major tropical regions. The park features more than 700 species of plants from over 90 countries, ranging from Heliconias, Flame-of the-Forest, Cycads to vines and ferns.

I really love this Bougainvillea tunnel. Kind of remind me of the good old days back to my university year in Bristol.

The garden is really huge and I would really recommend visitors to rent a bicycle which is charged base on hourly use. Although tram is available, it was not operational during my visit.

Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is located at the Lakeside. I do fancy dining here one day but I heard the food here is rather average and expensive.

The Lakeside provides a breathtaking view of the Federal Government Administrative Centre. I can sit here all day long just to enjoy this scenery.

The lake is really huge and it is here I understand why the water level of Putrajaya Lake always remain constant.

I reckon visitor will need one full day to fully appreciate the beauty of Putrajaya Botanical Garden. Getting here can be confusing for first timer. Just hop on to any NadiPutra buses (bus no. 100, 101 & 300) heading to Complex A, B, C, D & E from Putrajaya Sentral to reach here.


wenn said...

looks great! I hvn't been there yet!

Mama The Explorer said...

thanks for sharing, never knew that Putrajaya has a nice place like that.

escape said...

the hills in the park actually looked so much like the bohol chocolate hills here in the philippines.