Sunday, March 11, 2012

88 Sea Front Restaurant

No visit to the Potuguese Settlement in Malacca will be complete without savoring some of their signature cuisines here. All the food stalls now are relocated to this new structure facing the sea.

After consulting the local children here, we were told that 88 Restaurant offers the best baked fish here.

Diner can opt to dine inside or outside to enjoy the sea front scenery. The locals here are very good at predicting weather as it was raining that evening when it was least expected.

I ordered a coconut drink and surprisingly, the coconut (RM 4.50) served here are imported. Beers are also available here.

The baked fish (RM 33.70) was the main highlight for me that evening. I had to wait some 20 minutes for this dish to come out. The fish is charged based on its weight and I find it to be pretty expensive. The fish is fresh and topped with spicy sauce which goes really well with the rice.

Mix Vegetable (RM 8) which has chinese cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, squid and pepper. It resembles Chinese cooking style.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal. However, I find the food price here are a bit pricey. Other seafood worth trying here are fried squid, crab and lala (clam)


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soulesscloudy said...

did you tried the mango juice at portugese settlement? Its so called the best...