Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Up & Coming Sibu New Airport

Currently Sibu Airport is undergoing major upgrading work to cater the increasing passenger volume after operating for 17 years. On closer inspection, the new Sibu Airport will be about twice of its current size.

This will be the major driveway to the airport where the taxis will congregate. I must say I am rather disappointed with this airport design as it does not differentiate itself in term of architecture design with other airports in Sarawak such as Kuching, Bintulu and Miri. Almost all these airports share the same design.

The new check in counter area is now air conditioned and much more spacious than the previous layout.

This is the old section of the airport which is still in use and probably be demolished soon.

Extensive work still ongoing on the left and right side of the old structure. I can almost imagine the final outcome of this airport. I reckon the airport will be completed in another 6 months or so.

The departure hall as seen from the tarmac. It should able to accommodate more passengers and aircraft at the same time.

Sibu town from the sky. It is such a beautiful town with its prominent landmarks such as Wisma Sanyan, the town square and the mighty Rejang River.

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