Friday, January 27, 2012

Teluk Kemang

Teluk Kemang is regarded as the most popular beach in Port Dickson, some 10 minutes drive from Port Dickson Town

There is a dedicated zone for souvenir shops and hawker stalls. This is definitely an ideal place to get a souvenir home while in Port Dickson

Teluk Kemang Beach is 1.6km long, which starts from Kemang Indah up to Baitu Hilal. Teluk Kemang get its name from a "Tree" which was found by the 5 family members originated from Selangor which were Niat (Penghulu), Bahir and his sons Limat, Neemat and Abd. Samad.

In early 1880, Teluk Kemang area was full of deep forest and swamps. The five family members exploited the area whereby they found a lot of trees which is known as "Pokok Kemang" ( a tree with which has fruits that are small and green in colour).

Seeing that the area was still without a name, they decided to named it as Teluk Kemang because of its location and surrounding area which have many bays and consists of many Kemang trees.

The beach is now a popular destination during school holidays with various water sport activities available. 

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