Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Zon Regency Hotel

The Zon Regency Hotel in Stulang Laut is the only hotel available within the duty free zon area in Johor Bahru.

The lobby is spacious and check in is without issue. Parking is free for those who stayed in the hotel by getting the parking ticket validated by the reception at the lobby.

There is also a self service welcoming drink at the lobby. I did not remember seeing this in my last visit here in 2008.

The access to the room is only limited to the hotel guest as the room card need to be swiped at the elevator control panel to reach the intended floor.

The size of the hotel is immense and has a breathtaking view with the lounge which is situated on the 5th floor.

The guest room is pretty much what I would expect from a 4 star hotel. The room rate easily fetch RM200++ (RM 187 for government rate). It is a comfortable room and I had a good night rest here.

The high room rate can be easily compensated if one is a heavy drinker as the booze and liquor here are cheap. I could easily spot Carlsberg Tower for only RM36, Franziskaner (bottle) at RM 9.50 and other branded whiskies for half the price than the normal price found outside this area.

There is a safe deposit box in the room but unfortunately I was unable to use it as the previous occupant did not reset it.

There is not so much of a view from my room. One could get lucky and get a view of the Singapore island from certain rooms.

Breakfast is provided for 2 person in Salt n Pepper Cafe Restaurant on the 5th floor. The breakfast served here is pretty standard and nothing out of the ordinary.

The swimming pool and gym are located on the 7th floor. This will be a good spot to get some sun shine by the pool side and have an all around view of the duty free complex.

The overall view of the Zon Duty Free Complex and the international ferry terminal to Tg. Pinang and Batam.


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