Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skudai Duck Mee

Johor Bahru don't seems to be blessed with many good food besides duck and bitter gourd soup. So, we make a trip down to the famous duck shop, Skudai Duck Mee at Jalan Emas Putih 4, Taman Sri Skudai.

I was informed by the local that this is the first duck shop in Johor Bahru where it used to operate from a small wooden shop before moving to its existing premise.There are a few more duck shops in the vicinity which I reckon would be equally tasty as the original shop, judging from the crowd at the day.

The interior is just like any typical Chinese restaurant with metal table and wooden chop stick.

When ordering the duck, one can opt for rice, kuey tiao or noodle to go with the duck. The restaurant is more famous for the noodle and I guess I made a wrong choice of ordering the rice instead.

The duck serve here is average but it is the braised duck gravy that make the difference. Their gravy is what make everything here taste better.

Braised tofu and egg. I believe the braised duck gravy was used to prepare this side dish.

The complimentary soup is equally tasty. I practically finish the soup after finishing the meal.

The original owner and his son at the kitchen. It is great to see the secret recipe is passed on to the next generation.

We paid RM 39.70 (including drinks) for 4 person and I don't have the proper breakdown for each individual dish. Looks like this shop has already been recommended in the local television food channel, judging from the giant photo posted on the wall.