Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Philips Vision LED Globe 5W

I came across Philips Vision LED Globe in Carrefour recently and it immediately caught my attention as I am in the process of phasing out the incandescent and CFL bulbs in my home.

The specification said the light consumes only 5W of energy and is a direct replacement for 40W incandescent light which also equivalent to 14W of CFL. That is a lot of energy saving if one do the maths.

This LED light is not cheap either. Costing at RM100 a piece, it definitely will break one's resolve to be replace all the inefficient and hazardous lighting at home.

The Philips Vision LED Globe 5W bulb carries CE marking and apparently made in China. It feels solid as no glass and brittle materials were used to manufactured it. It is mainly made of plastic and some sort of metal as the heat sink. It did not have any vents or gaps for air circulation and I deduce its thermal management is solely dependable on the heat sink.

The manufacturer claim this bulb has a life span of 25, 000 hours which is ideal to be installed in a place where one do not wish to replace bulb so regularly. 

It is shaped like a normal light bulb with E27 base for easy fitting. It gives up 350 lumen which is bright enough to light up a small compartment. I am quite satisfy with the outcome of the light and definitely would purchase more if the price is lowered to an affordable level.

I also saw Philips Vision LED Globe 9W which replaces 60W incandescent light and that alone cost RM 125 which is an expensive investment.


escape said...

you might as well check out panasonic's led down light.

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akubiomed said...

I just bought one from Tesco at RM86. I'm happy to use to replace my current energy saver bulb 11W