Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Salted Fish Market

Salted fish market is another interesting market in Kota Kinabalu. It is just located next to the Handicraft Market.

The market specialized in dry and salted fishes. Almost every traders here seem to sell the same product. There are hardly any price tags so one need some bargaining skill to get the best deal from the traders.

Amplang cracker (fish cracker ball) and kuih cincin are the must buy local snack here. Amplang cracker is especially famous in Tawau. Made of Spanish mackerel mixed with tapioca flour and selected spices to bring out a distinctive delicious taste. The cracker is formed round and is simply crispy.

A pack of these snacks are sold around RM 5-7 where tourists might be overcharged by the traders here.


escape said...

im such a fan of salted fish and having them fried is instant. so good for breakfast.

Ensurai said...

Still such a nice place to go to!! Lovely.

Alice said...

yummy!salted fish.Tastes good when deep fried.

Jean Jacques said...

This is nice, I also do love the dried and salted fish... =)

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Brochure Design Company said...

Wow, fish.. My most favorite dish and also the most delicious dish. I feel like eating it..