Friday, July 2, 2010

Teluk Chempedak

Teluk Chempedak (Jack fruit Bay) is Kuantan's main sightseeing attraction. This scenic beach is located about 5km from Kuantan.

I was rather surprised initially when I first arrived here as I would never expect to see shop house and other facilities which are available here.

There is basically one row of shop house here and this is where the Hoi Yin Restaurant is located which served Curry Laksa from morning until early afternoon.

The fast food chain operator such as KFC and McDonalds are strategically positioned beside the beach. Both of this fast food restaurants operate 24 hours a day.

A lot of souvenir shops can be found around this area. Kite selling business is also enjoying a brisk business as the kids like to play kites at the beach.

Open air food court is aplenty here and one can choose to dine here in open space while enjoying the beach scenery and sea breeze.


wenn said...

i was there many many years ago..should go there again.

escape said...

by the souvenir shops alone i know that the place is touristy. beach looks good.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

since like a nice relaxing place to visit^^

sabahking said...

the name of teluk cempedak is very special !!