Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Other Photos At Floria 2010

The Floria 2010 had closed its curtain last Sunday and I still have some more photos to show.

This is the garden designed by the state of Kedah which showcase its rich history especially in the paddy plantation.

A garden with a mini Penang Bridge. Definitely the garden from the state of Penang

Another interesting garden by the Federal Territory with its man made beach and pleasant backdrop.

Beautiful flowers are everywhere to be seen.

Other interesting photos at the event to share.

It was such a beautiful event and I will be surely be back next year if I was still around here.


Walkw with Me said...

Wow! amazing place. I want to be there but it is just very far.

Oh, I love the flowers!

Btw, thanks for the visit.

Bengbeng said...

i wish i had such a beautiful garden .. not as big of coz but still a real garden with landscaping etc

Asia Resorts said...

Beautiful garden and landscape. Got an idea of setting up mine...