Friday, July 16, 2010

Floria 2010: Floral Pavilion

There is a big make shift tent at the site of the Floria 2010 which pretty much stands out of the crowd.

It is actually an indoor hall which showcases the work of arts by utilizing flowers, plants and fruits

This is what they called the Twilight Garden and this chamber is pretty dark and the plants are decorated with dim light.

This is the main hall where all the attractions are located. It can be very crowded and definitely a challenge to get a clear shots.

Most of the things here are actually fabricated with flowers. I was a bit worry whether the flowers will dried up during the duration of this event.

Flowers are also used as part of the theme for the fashion designers. The dresses here look kind of sexy to me.

Fruits are also used for decoration and it looks like a fruit garden.

Other art works by the local and international artists.


escape said...

i wonder why the philippines didnt join here. we also have it every year in baguio city.

Ensurai said...

Lovely exhibition..but to attract lots of tourists to Malaysia we must really have lots to offer every day in the year...Tourists do not flock in just to see one show (with lots of plastic flowers) and have to sit in kopitiam the rest of their stay. They would like to wander through a village with lots of history e.g. a tin mining village with museum and interesting things to see.etc.

TZ said...

i think they will be thousands of DSLR click click inside this exhibition... I'm not sure whether want to go and snap some myself or not :p

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

juz been thre yesterday~~~
it was hottttt~~~hahaha

DPM said...

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