Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tanjung Kembang Beach

Tanjung Kembang Beach in Kabong is another beach within the 100km radius from Sibu beside the one in Belawai. The journey here will passed through the newly constructed Pan Borneo Highway. At the time of writing, the road sign showing the direction of Roban and Kabong is yet to be in place.

Tanjung Kembang Beach is of longer stretch compare to that in Belawai. Due to its size, i find it less crowded. It has the basic amenities such as toilets, restaurant and recreation areas. I reckon this would be a better beach option for the people of Sibu within a 2 hours drive from the town.

There are a few chalets here and they look quite new and well maintained. I reckon the chalets here are not equipped with air conditioner as i did not spot the compressor unit outside the accommodation.

Probably one of the main attraction here for the children is a water park which cost RM5 for 2 hours. The opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the park.

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