Sunday, June 11, 2023

1602 Craft Beer

Craft beer is nothing new to me and I had the opportunity to explore some of the international brands during my time in Malaysia capital city.

Now, my home state of Sarawak had produced locally produced craft beer with the name derived from the year when the first map of Borneo was published.

Currently, 1602 beers come in 4 flavours; Lager, Pale Ale, Wheat and Extra Dark. Price per cup range from RM 8-15 depending on the outlets visited and their set price. Usually, the wheat and Extra Dark will cost a little bit more.

Best beer to start with for starter will be the Lager which is the lightest. This is a refreshing beer with hint of fruits.

The Pale Ale is more mouthfeel than the lager with fruitness derived from the fermentation with English hops. Casual bitterness and low carbonation.

Wheat beer is inspired by the unique character of 3 major wheat beer style; German, Belgium and US. This 1602 wheat beer is still a decent one although I still prefer the German wheat beer.

I reckon the Extra Dark is the best beer in 1602 line up. Brewed with chocolate malts and roasted barley. Moderate mouthfeel, delightful coffee chocolate note serve with lower carbonation. It contains high level of antioxidant and vitamin B+ from the roasted barley malts.

I must agree that all the 1602 beers are easy to drink and its price make it more affordable for the locals to enjoy craft beer. The master brewer also successfully brewed the taste of all the beers to suit the local taste buds.

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