Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier

If one is investing in precious metals bullion bar or coin, it is important that what been purchased is genuine and not counterfeit. Sigma Metalytics offers a solution with a Verifier that can give a quick measurement and assurance of the bullion purchased.

This unit costs just below RM 4,000 in 2017 and the price has risen to RM 4100 - 4300 now. It comes with the main measuring unit, charger, calibration disc, bullion wand and user manual.

The size of it is just right and can be hold in a palm. This makes it really convenient to move around with it. In fact, to measure any standard 1 oz coin, this main unit alone is sufficient

A brief operating instruction is available at the back of the unit. It is quite easy to use and only a few buttons to play around.

This is the main sensor where the coins are placed for measurement. 1 ounce coin will fit perfectly whereas smaller coin will give inaccurate reading and small bullion wand is required.

The Verifier can measures gold and silver of different purity as well as other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium.

The unit measures the electrical resistivity of the metal as different materials have different resistivity.

Results interpretation is rather straightforward. The metal is genuine as long as the black cursor box is between the brackets. Should the black cursor box is slightly outside the brackets, the metal require further test and check for confirmation.

When a left or right arrow appears, the metal is likely not the selected metal.

For bars and smaller coins, bullion wand can be used to measure the metal. The wand comes in 3 sizes.

Connect the wand to the main sensor and slide it across the metal sample and the reading will appear.

The Verifier can works with the bar or can inside a plastic cases and bags. Hence, the protective covers remain intact and need not to be opened up.

The Verifier has another feature which is not mentioned in the manual. It is able to show the resistivity reading of the measured metal.

Shown here are the resistivity measurement of gold (2.17) and silver (1.62)

It has a few drawbacks and one of it is that the Verifier only measure the surface of coins and bars. Hence, counterfeiter could use Tungsten or Lead filled bars to fool the Verifier. The electrical resistivity of silver (1.59) and copper (1.68) are quite close and the sample could be manipulated in order to make PMV to give inaccurate reading.

To overcome these shortcomings, Sigma Metalytics has introduced Previous Metal Verifier Pro (approximately USD 1380) last year which actually measures completely through the sample as well as confirms the metal density is correct. By taking the density into consideration, it will be hard for the sample metal to be counterfeited.

Having said that, I still find the original Precious Metal Verifier to be useful as the first line of defense by screening all the bullion. With additional devices such as magnetic slide (for silver coin), jewellery digital scale and thickness measurement tools, it will complement the PMV for re-assurance of the metal content in the sample metal.


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