Thursday, June 6, 2019

LifeStraw Go

It is always a good idea to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances and emergencies that may arise. Water is an essential part of our life and hence clean potable water is crucial when disaster struck where clean water is not available. LifeStraw is one of the leading brands which offers products that are capable of filtering dirty or contaminated water for human consumption.

LifeStraw Go (RM 187) is one of product which I opt to be included in my inventory for emergency preparedness. This is an upgraded version (or should I say version 2) of their earlier LifeStraw Go where the updated version comes with 2 stage filtration.

The specification is well define in the package. The filter consists two parts. The first stage is a hollow fiber membrane which removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of protozoa and with filtration capacity of 1000 liters.

The second stage is an activated carbon capsule which reduces chlorine, bad odor, taste, organic chemical matter and with filtration capacity of 100 liters.

The filter do not have the capability to filter out viruses.

With each purchase of LifeStraw product, one school child in developing countries will receives safe drinking water for an entire school year. This is one of the company's give back program.

Each LifeStraw Go come with bottle, cap, filter, carabiner and user manual. It looks like any sports or outdoor bottle in the market with the exception of the filter instead of a straw. The bottle can hold 650ml of water in it.

The main component of this product is filter which is made up of a hollow fiber membrane and activated carbon. I always feel better if any contaminated water had passed through an activated carbon filter before consumption.

Carbon filter will improve the drinking experience as it eliminates odour.

The activated carbon filter capsule can be disengaged from the filter unit, revealing the holes at the end of the hollow fiber membrane. There is no expiry date on the filter. Hence, the filter can be stored for a long period of time when not in use.

The complete replacement filter (RM 93.40) can be purchased separately. Since the activated carbon filter capsule has a shorter working life, keeping a few carbon filter replacements would be ideal.

Silicon mouthpiece at the cap for a more comfortable sipping of the filtered water. The silicon mouthpiece is replaceable.

LifeStraw Go is one way to reduce plastic waste while travelling by avoiding buying or using bottled water. Instead, just fill up with tap water or available water source and drink it from the LifeStraw Go.

The fabrication month and year can be found beneath the cap. The units I purchased today were made in December 2018. It is to my best understanding that the whole unit is produced in Switzerland.

LifeStraw Go offers a lot of convenience as one can simply scoop water from lake, river, water fall or pot holes and store it and drink when ready. The portability is definitely a big advantage for this bottle which made it ideal for travelling, camping, hiking and emergency preparedness. I would definitely carry one of this when travelling in a country where the quality of the tap water is questionable.

On the down side, LifeStraw Go is not capable to filter viruses. In the event of emergency, where one need to store clean water to cook, this product might not be ideal (LifeStraw Flex would be more suitable). Nevertheless, it is a great product to have in case of emergency or any outdoor activities.

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