Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kajang Hot & Spicy Soup @ Puchong

I love Kajang Hot Soup and I am dying for it for some time now. As I am unable to make my way to Kajang, I just had to settle with a restaurant in Puchong Jaya.

The small hot and spicy soup (RM 12.90) arrived minutes after I placed my order. It is indeed fiery hot as a lot of peppers was added in. However, in term of taste and satisfaction, it fell short as I benchmark this soup against an old stall in Kajang.

I also ordered a small plate of lettuce in soya/oyster sauce (RM 7.90). This is pretty standard and nothing for me to benchmark it against

3 sour drink (RM 3.50) which is always refreshing. I don't think they sell any alcoholic beverage here.

There are also other dishes to choose from and the fried chicken is worth a try (RM 2.50 per piece)

Kajang Hot & Spicy Soup
18-01, Jalan Kenari 18A,
Puchong Jaya

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