Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jungle Trek to Signal Hill Observatory Tower

Signal Hill Observatory Tower is one of my favourite spot in Kota Kinabalu City Centre. Recently, I discovered another route to reach the observatory. Previously, I had to make my way up using the main road from adjacent Atkinson Clock Tower.

At the very end of Jalan Dewan (a.k.a Australian Place), there is a rather conspicuous signboard which indicates the trail to the observatory via the jungle.

The trail is about 250m by negotiating the wooden stairs. It is a pleasant walk with the surrounding lush greenery and serenity. I notice a few CCTVs around the trail but I wonder whether it is working or not.

The sight of this structure means I had arrived at the observatory. There is now a proper walking path leading here compare to my last visit here.

This spot offers a panoramic sight of the city. Unfortunately, the sight of the many developments with the tower cranes which stick up like a sore thumb really spoil the view.

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