Friday, June 21, 2013

Maxwell Hill

Maxwell Hill (known as Bukit Larut now) is located 12km (after taking into account the 10km climb from the foot of the hill) from Taiping and approximately 1,036m above sea level.

It is the first and oldest hill resort in Malaysia. It was founded in 1870 and named after the first British resident assistant in Perak, George Maxwell.

Access is available by government owned Land Rovers (RM6 for return journey) although those who are more adventurous can walk up the hill for free. The journey time for the Land Rovers can take up to 30 minutes (and I'm sure it will be rather uncomfortable by the look at the seating arrangement) while it took me some 3 hours to reach the peak and another 2 hours to descend on foot. I brought along 1.5 litre of water and it is just enough to get me through the whole journey.

Another advantage of walking up the hill instead of taking an easy way up with the Land Rovers is one is able to enjoy the lush greenery, wild ferns, waterfalls and vantage view of Taiping Town en route to the peak.

In the middle of the hill (around 6km from the foot of the hill), there is The Tea Garden House which used to be part of the tea farm on the hill. It such a shame that this house had been left to rot as it would be an ideal place for those who walk up the hill to have a proper rest and refreshment here.

The suspension bridge which leads to a watch tower with a clear view of Taiping.This place is well known for its rain and I'm glad the weather was just perfect that day.

Most of the British nobles have built their vacation houses on the Hill and some of these houses are still visible today.

What a feel upon reaching the top of the hill. I really like its colonial atmosphere and it is not been developed and hence maintain its natural beauty. The air up here is crisp and fresh with pleasant temperature around 20-25 degree Celcius. 

For the record, after my 5-6 hours adventure at the hill, I somehow able to consume a plate of chicken chop, kuey tiaw and claypot chicken rice during dinner time. In fact I do fancy another climb in the near future as I was too tired to continue my walk all the way up to the communication tower, which is another 2km walk from the resort.


ChrisAu said...

lol... that was almost 20+ years when I did that. Glad the place still the same.

wenn said...

I love Maxwell Hill. We used to climb it when we were still schooling. I would love to visit it again.