Saturday, June 29, 2013

Floria 2013

I never miss the annual Floria event ever since I moved here in 2010 and this year theme is "Orchid-Tropical Treasure".

This year, it features the Malaysia's longest landscaped vertical wall which is 300m long and the wall is covered by a wide variety of tropical plants, foliage, herbs, creepers and orchids.

It also features some Chinese lantern which reminds me of the coming moon cake festival. Should be a sight to behold at night.

The size of the event is pretty much the same as the previous year. It is still fun to visit with the variety of floral and gardens design this year.

Some of the international participants also manage to awe the visitor with their creativity. Each country somehow incorporates their culture and identity into each of the garden design and showcase it at this event.

I kind of intrigue with this garden which is based on the red riding hood folk tale. It might be a little spooky for some visitors or children.

The Sungai Lembing Museum also did a good job to give an insight what to expect in their underground tin museum. I will definitely will make an effort to visit the museum in the future.

In a nutshell, it is a colourful event and I am impressed that they are still able to keep the plants fresh and alive after a week of hot and hazy weather.


foongpc said...

I was there the other day! But I missed that garden based on the Red Riding Hood folk tale!

Henry Lee said...

ahhh the flowers look so nice and it's shows a lot of their creativity

wenn said...

wow, awesome! like the dragon!

soulesscloudy said...

My 1st year visit and love the orkid..

Anonymous said...

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