Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taman Bahagia (Jalan SS 2/7) Pasembur and Cendol

It's hard for me to find a decent Pasembur and Cendol place which is within easy reach considering I don't have wheels to reach the harder to reach areas.

Just opposite the Taman Bahagia LRT station (Jalan SS 2/7), there is a little truck which usually park beside a playground which been selling pasembur and cendol for 3 generation now.

The owner is a friendly man and I can see the people who coming to his stall are his regular customers. 

Well, for those who plan to eat here, there are plastic chairs and wire rope barrels as a table around the playground. At least one is protected from the scorching sun by the tree shade.

The cendol (RM 1.50) is pretty average. It basically has all the ingredients normally found in a normal cendol.

The Pasembur (RM 4) is made up of mixture of cucumber, bean curd, turnip, hard boiled egg and prawn fritters. Topped up with nutty and spicy sauce, this is just a perfect afternoon snack.

It is not the best pasembur in Klang Valley but it still able to satisfy my crave for a decent pasembur.

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