Monday, May 13, 2013

Peter's Pork Noodle

Peter's Pork Noodle has been around for sometime now and some regard it as one of the best in the Klang Valley.

The stall is not easy to locate for those who isn't familiar with Brickfields area. Try to walk along Jalan Tun Sambanthan once alight from KL Sentral until you see a Pos Laju Office. Just opposite the Pos Laju office is a small open air car park. The food court is just beside it. The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant billboard should be the landmark to look for.

Peter's Pork Noodle stall is always busy but the owner has several foreign workers to help him up. In fact I notice a lot people tend to take away rather than to sit down and enjoy this sinful meal. It even has a rule when making order posted at its stall.  One would need to mention the table number when making order and update them whenever one shift to another table. That is pretty inconvenience if one is to come alone in a fully packed environment.

 The latest price for the dish is as follow:
1. Big Bowl + egg: RM6.50
2. Big Bowl: RM6.00
3. Small Bowl + egg: 5.50
4. Small Bowl: RM5.00

Prepare to sweat it up when dining here as it can be very hot even with the ceiling fans spinning at full speed. 

I don't have to wait long for the noodle to arrive. I reckon the wait is less than 10 minutes.

The soup is somewhat sweet and full of porky flavour. It comes with poach egg (optional), mince pork, sliced pork, vegetable, pork liver and deep fried pork lard.

To be honest, I still prefer the SS15 Pork Noodle compare to Peter's even though the wait is close to 1 hour over there. Somehow, the mass produce pork noodle here did not satisfy my palate compare to the individually cooked order.

If one is looking for an above average pork noodle without having to wait for too long, Peter's Pork Noodle is the place to go.

 Money's Corner
144A, Jalan Vivekananda,
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

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Chong said...

Gosh... I miss this. Used to have it with my ex-colleagues when I worked at Plaza Sentral. I do agree that the ventilation is pretty bad especially during peak hours on a warm day.