Monday, October 1, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 @ Sibu

This year Mid-Autumn festival is kind of special to me as this will be the first time I celebrate it with my almost 4 months old boy. I failed to return home last year for the occasion as I got the date wrong. However, I had made early preparation this year so as not to miss this important festival.

This is also the first time I see before my eyes that my son is able to flip over. It such an achievement for him as this will be the first step for him to crawl soon.

I made a quick visit to Rejang Park to see what is it looks like this year as I miss did not made it here last year.

This is definitely the place to be as lanterns can be seen everywhere starting from 7pm onward. Unfortunately I couldn't bring my son along as he starts to act cranky just before dinner time. He will definitely be joining the other kids next year.

This is also the first time I notice the giant lantern been released from this park. It was such a beauty to watch those lanterns made its way up to the sky.


foongpc said...

Oh! Your son is very cute and round! Haha! Must be great to see him flip over! : )

Dentist La Grange said...

sounds like everybody had a good time.