Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kampua @ Ming Tien Restaurant, Bandar Sunway

Its pretty hard to find a decent kampua noodle around KL and Selangor and I was directed to Ming Tien Restaurant at Bandar Sunway which is just beside the Sunway Pyramid Mall.

A small kampua noodle here cost RM 4.50 which is a bit expensive by Sibu standard. I been told the stall is opened by a Sibu folks but sadly, the noodle is now been prepared and cooked by foreigner.

In terms of overall appearance, it definitely has some resemblance to a plate of kampua noodle usually found in Sibu. It is topped with slices of BBQ and minced pork. I was really disappointed with the noodle on my first bite as the noodle was soggy and did not even come close to what it tastes back home. Even the chili sauce which came with it didn't make the mark.

The soup which comes with the noodle is also tasteless and oddly, fish balls were added to it. I should give up my effort to find a decent plate of kampua noodle on this side of the world.

Another kampua version is the one served in soup which also cost RM 4.50. I can only summarize that somehow kampua only taste better when prepared in Sibu, most probably due to the water and ingredients which went into its preparation.

There is also a selection of dim sum which pretty much save the day as the kampua noodle here really fails.


wenn said...

looks good..

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Anonymous said...

You want eat kampua go eat in puchong lah. Somehow better than the rest. And plus their ingredients are from Sibu also.