Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seri Gemilang Bridge

Seri Gemilang Bridge is one of the most striking bridge in Putrajaya. It is regarded as a ceremonial bridge and definitely served as one of the landmark in Putrajaya.

The bridge links Precint 4 to the Precint 5, with Putrajaya International Convention Centre right in front of it.

The bridge is about 120m in length and 36.75m above water level at the centre of the bridge.

Some of the special features on this bridge are balusters are fabricated from precast stone, specially designed lamp post and distinctly designed towers. There are lavatories below the towers for the convenience of visitors to the bridge.

The bridge also offer a picturesque view of the lake, Pullman Hotel and its surrounding. At night it offers a better scenery with the effect of the lights.

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