Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Satay Abu Yamin (Teluk Intan)

I have tried many satay in my life but my recent visit to Teluk Intan, I discovered what I reckon is the best satay I had come across so far.

Satay Abu Yamin can be found at Restoran Yusoffia which is located in Jalan Putra. It is at the intersection of Jalan Ah Cheong and Jalan Putra.

The stall only open in the evening, around 6pm onward. A piece of the satay cost only RM 0.50, which is quite cheap. They only sell beef and chicken satay.

I am still craving for their satay until this very day. The meat is grilled to perfection. There ain't much fat on the meat and the texture is just to my liking. The sauce is pretty average but the meat is well marinated and full of flavour.

Teluk Intan probably don't have much to offer when it comes to food, but this satay is definitely worth mentioning. It easily put Satay Kajang to shame.

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