Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pudu Sentral

Pudu Sentral is never the same again after it was upgraded a few years ago. It is definitely a more pleasant looking building compare to its original structure.

The Puduraya Bus Terminal was renamed Pudu Sentral in keeping with its modern and new look on par with an airport.

Its interior is much more spacious and cleaner now. The interior is air conditioned and this make the waiting here more comfortable. Convenience shops and kiosks are ever present in this new terminal. However, I notice there is a acute lack of eateries and restaurants here. This could be easily negated as there are plenty of those nearby.

Ticketing counters are located on the first floor and it feels like entering a hotel lobby. The ceiling is a bit low, just about 2m only.

Even with the upgrade, I still find the TBS in Bandar Tasik Selatan a much comfortable station than Pudu Sentral.

To get onboard the bus, passengers must negotiate the stairs down from the platform entrance. This is the worst part where passengers have to bear with the choking exhaust fumes from the bus and the loud horn even though there is a signboard that forbid the bus driver to blast their horns.


escape said...

it's really the space that amazes me. so spacious unlike most of the developing countries in SEA including the philippines.

Jobless Girl said...

It looks nice and spacious after the renovation.