Sunday, September 18, 2011

Viribright 11W LED Light Bulb

LED Light bulbs might be a new thing for most people especially Malaysian. I guess not many people are aware of its existence and the benefit of it. I came across Viribright LED Light bulb a couple of months ago from a kiosk at Level 2 in Midvalley Megamall.

It costs RM50 for 1 unit of 11W bulb (with 1 year warranty) and it might appears expensive but actually it's not. Most branded LED light bulbs I came across will come with a price tag from RM70-RM170, depending on the wattage.In other words, Viribright LED Light is about 50% cheaper than the other branded LED lights I know.

Viribright is designed and manufactured by Matrix Lighting Inc, based in the USA. For the record, Matrix Lighting already start phasing out the 11W version and in the process of replacing it with a 10W version.

There are many benefits of LED Light compare to the incandescent or CFL bulb. The main advantage is the energy saving by switching to LED. It saves about 80% compare to incandescent bulb and close to 40% compare to CFL bulb.

Unlike the CFL bulbs, LED contains no mercury or any hazardous materials or chemicals. One can simply throw the whole unit for recycling purpose without any fear.

Viribright LED light bulbs also has longer lifespan, roughly around 25, 000 hours. The packaging claims that the light can last 6 years with average 8 hours use per day. However, peeling the sticker, it originally claimed to last for 6 years based on 5 hours use per day. Either way, I am sure the bulb will last for a long time. The only thing notable would be the light intensity after it has reached its lifespan.

Viribright 11W LED Light bulb is actually a direct replacement for the 60W (about 81% in term of power saving) incandescent bulb and 18W (38% in term of power saving) CFL bulb.

This is the size comparison between Viribright LED light bulb with incandescent and CFL bulb. It's not much of a size difference. The LED Light bulb just looks like any normal light bulb we usually came across.

Viribright light bulb is mainly made of plastic with some light metal on its body. Hence, it won't break or shatter if one accidentally dropped them.

It's emitting diodes are arranged in such a way so it can provide 270 degree light distribution.

This is basically the heat sink for the heat generated when the light is operated. It won't feel hot when the light bulb was touched on the surface as most of the generated heat is transferred to the heat sink and dissipated to the surrounding. Having said so, there are just mild heat produced at the heat sink when the light is on and it is still safe enough to be touched

Due the heat, it is advised not to be used in totally enclosed recessed luminaries

The LED light is made in China and has CE marking. It draws only 0.1A of current according to it spec.

Viribright LED lamp works wonder in my room and house. My room has never been more brighter. It gives up about 400 lumen which is equivalent to the light intensity produces by a 60W incandescent light and 18W CFL light.  However, it produces some noise which can be irritating. It won't be much of an issue if it was fitted high at the ceiling though.

The light had some limitation though as it is not to be installed into any dimmer and a wet or damp location.

I had set my eye on LED tube light (cost about RM 120 in Malaysia) as it would  further save cost as it did not require ballast and substantial energy saving for the same performance.


Reanaclaire said...

I am using philips energy saving lightings... i m curious.. if i were to buy that, does it fit to the ones I am using?

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, it should fit the one you are currently using. Just check the base of the lamp. This one uses E27 base

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, very good information for the consumer!^^ will try this soon even at 1st the price is quite expensive~

led light bulbs said...

led light bulbs is the most promising and energy efficient lighting technology on the market today is one. This is a lighting technology continues to evolve and improve lighting quality, longevity and durability compared to other types of lighting.

Texas Electrical Contractor said...

LED light bulbs could very well be the next best thing in lighting. The technology is making inroads in every market, with an LED bulb for any application. It reminds me of how compact fluorescent technology slowly dominated incandescent technology. There is a similar roadblock, as well; LEDs have outlandish high prices. LEDs have a long list of advantages over incandescent and CFL lighting. A common complaint about compact fluorescents is the ramp-up time to full brightness. Instant-on CFLs provide light instantly, but still require time to reach full brightness. LED light bulbs provide full illumination from the moment they’re turned on.