Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morganfield's @ Pavilion

Morganfield's is an Europeanized American casual diner on Level 4, Pavilion KL.

The restaurant is not brightly lit, probably due to the partially painted incandescent light bulbs. However, it provides a relaxed environment for a little drink and dining experience. The restaurant has 4 distinct sections; al fresco dining section, a bar, an executive dining area and a casual family area.

It also perfect for people watching while listening to the American Blues been played by a jukebox in the restaurant.

I ordered a pint Kronenbourg 1664 Draught (RM 34.90). Morganfield's is one of a few outlets in KL and Selangor which serve Kronenbourg Draught from the tap. It's a 5.5% pale lager brewed in Strasbourg, France.

It pours a crystal clear brew of a near neon yellow colour with quite a head which lasted pretty long due to the ongoing carbonation. The taste is quite distinctive. Its slightly sweet to start, with some graininess coming through. There is a lot of hops and makes for a different flavour with a nice bitter finish

During happy hour, which lasted until 8pm from Monday to Saturday, there will be another free half pint of beer.

Beer options are rather limited as only a few other brands are available on tap such as Carlsberg, Hoegaarden, Blackthorn Cider and Connors. It would be great if they serve some American beers in line with the concept of this restaurant.

Most of the fittings here are made from recycled materials, including bricks, steel and wood from demolished houses. The mirror on the wall are clouded and the wall behind the bar is made of corrugated iron, giving a hard, edgy look to the place.

Its signature dish, "Sticky Bones" is a truly authentic, old fashioned prime pork rib slow cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood to tender mouthwatering perfection, then basted with the gluey sweet and tangy hickory flavoured barbeque sauce.

This is actually half rack (RM 36.90) and served with coleslaw and french fries. It also comes with a bowl of barbeque sauce to go with the meat.

When one ordered Stick Bones, the server will put on the dining apron which is really sweet as it prevents our shirt from getting all dirty due to the stickiness of the sauce used on the pork ribs dish.

The dining apron has some wordings on it which reads" Money can't buy me love, but it can buy me pork ribs"

This is one hearty meal and I enjoyed every bit of it. For the record, I did not mess up my cloth after finishing it.

I will definitely come back for the ribs and the beer in the near future. The staffs are courteous and definitely make me feel welcome here.


aud said...

I was there early last month and loved the Sticky Ribs! Hit my tastebuds and so yummy. I've promised myself that I would eat there every time I go to KL :)

Becklee said...

The pork ribs really look appetizing. I must try it one of these days!

Rebecca Saw said...

I only had the pork burgers and they were disappointing.. not sure if i would head back fr the ribs tho...