Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little India @ Brickfields

Brickfields used to be a shabby and dodgy area but the place is now transformed to one of the most beautiful place in Kuala Lumpur. It is basically just a stone throw from the KL Sentral Station.

Dubbed as the Little India, it has been given a new face lift with many infrastructures and improvements been set up.

Brickfields now has more pleasant appearance with Indian inspired street lamps, decorative columns, kolam on the roads and a mammoth water fountain

This beautiful arches can be seen lined up at the pavement along the street.

Even the bus stops in this area are given a more modern design and look

This water fountain is the tallest fountain in the country at 7.62m in height. There seems to be an old tree which looks like out of place just beside this water fountain. I suspect the tree is sacred and no one dare to remove the tree during the construction of this water fountain.

The water fountain is adorned with elephant sculptures at the base and duck figures at the top.

Brickfields is definitely the newest landmark for Kuala Lumpur and is definitely a good place to start exploring KL.


escape said...

india has a very small community in the philippines and i hope to visit their church/temple dont know what they call it soon.

Owen Choo said...

It has been quite some time I didn't pass by that area... quite surprise now it has became such a beautiful place!