Monday, November 8, 2010

Jahar Palace

Jahar Palace has been a museum of the regal customs of Kelantan since July 1992. It takes the name from the Jahar tree that grows in the palace grounds.

The palace was built in 1887 during the reign of Sultan Muhammad II as a gift to Long Kundur, who was Raja Bendahara and third in line to the throne. It was known as Raja Bendahara Palace. Long Kundur succeeded Sultan Muhammad II in 1889 and became Sultan Muhammad III

Jahar palace was a royal residence during the reign of Sultan Muhammad III and several other sultans.

The Panca Persada (The Royal Platform) acts as a place where a prince or princess would be cleansed and given a royal bath before being married or circumcised for a prince. It was built within the palace compound, not far away from a well for easy supply of water. It was made of wood structured in hexagon shape of three levels, with steps leading to the upper level where the royal bathing ceremony would take place.

The royal boat is an instrumental transportation when the sultan need to travel by rivers. It has a maximum capacity of 10 person and is made of chengal wood with bronze carving decoration.

Wakaf is an ancient rest stop for travelers. It was built by the villagers and the wakaf is considered a public facility back then. It is originated from Kampung Pak Badol, Pasir Puteh and is said to be more than 100 years old. It is built with 3 tier roofs, 2 tier floors and 8 supporting poles. The roof is decorated with duck's breast to amplify its architecture beauty.

Photograph is not allowed in the museum and I took one for the team by showcasing its interior. The museum displays a collection of fabrics and royal's traditional ceremony.

Also not to be missed is the Weapon Gallery beside the museum which showcases ancient malay weapons such as keris, axe, spear, machete and etc.

There are also quite a collection of antics outside the palace such as this Fiat car which probably used by the sultans once.

If I remember correctly from the photos inside the museum, this is actually a gift from the subjects to the sultan to celebrate the prince circumcision ceremony

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