Friday, March 13, 2009

My VENOM Collection

Today I will showcase the MASK team's villain, VENOM (which stands for Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem). For those who familiar with MASK cartoon series and its toy line, one will realize I had complete set of VENOM unit for the whole series (not including split seconds)

Miles Mayhem is the leader of VENOM and his main unit is Switchblade, a helicopter that changes to airplane and back. Miles possess Viper mask which spit a corrosive poison.

Jackhammer is a ground unit used quite often in the entire series. The bronco 4x4 changes to an assault vehicle. The man behind the wheel is the idiotic Cliff Dagger with Torch mask which throw flame.

Pirahna is the only amphibious unit the VENOM team had at their disposal. The motorcycle changes to submarine and back. Manned by Sly Rax with Stiletto mask which fire underwater harpoon battles

Manta also made quite an appearance in the series but the toy was only release as part of the racing series . The Nissan 300ZX converts to assault plane and back. Manta is quite a deadly unit as it is armed with wide arrays of weapons. Piloted by the skillful Vanessa Warfield with Whip mask which shoot an electronic whip to snap at the enemy.

Vampire made a few appearance towards the end of the series. The touring cycle quicky changes to turbo jet and back. Vampire had a comprehensive primary and secondary weapons to counter its enemy. Piloted by incompetent Floyd Malloy with Buckshot mask which launch ball bearings.

Stinger is another awesome ground unit that VENOM has. Known as Scorpion in the beginning of the series. The GTO changes to armour tank. The armour tank is armed with awesome pimary and secondary weapons as well as a stinger claw. Operated by clumsy Bruno Sheppard with Magna Beam mask which emit magnetic wave that will attract metal.

Outlaw is another awesome vehicle. The oil tanker changes to a mobile headquarters. Operated mainly by Nash Gorey with Powerhouse mask which allow him to multiply his strength. Miles Mathem, the VENOM leader will occasionally be the commander of the vehicle with Python mask which send out coiled tentacles to entrap enemy agents. Miles rarely used his Python mask until an episode in the racing series (on Ali Bombay)

Buzzard is the main unit for VENOM leader, Miles Mayhem in the racing series. The Formula race car split into 3 parts to form land and air squad. Manned by Miles Mayhem (with Flexor mask which construct a flexible, invisible barrier to stop and bounce back vehicles) and his evil twin brother, Maximus Mayhem (with Deep Freeze mask which create a wall that freezes anything which passes through it). The jet is piloted by a drone.

Iguana is another land unit introduced in the racing series. The 4 wheel ATV become a mobile shredder. Manned by annoying Lester Sludge with Mud Slinger mask which fling mud.

Pit Stop Catapult was introduced in the racing series. The fueling station changes to catapulting grinder and back. I will say this is one weak assault unit as it mainly got destroyed in the series. Operated by Sly Rax with Sawblade mask which spit out saw blades.

I had showcase Switchblade in my blog last year, here and will continue do so for each other individual unit in the future.


foongpc said...

Amazing! You have such collection! I always like villains! : )

Johnny Ong said...

fu yoh what a collection .....

Kikey Loo said...

wow.. very cool~

Anonymous said... much you spent for all these toys?

Forgetful Princess said...

wow bro.that's one hot collection you got there! That must be so expensive.

Borneo Falcon said...

Expensive if one try to source it in e-bay now. Some of this had been in my possession since I was a kid. It's so much cheaper way back then. I did spent quite a lot to source some of the missing units from my collection few years ago.

All these toys are rare now and consider as vintage toys now. I have no plan to sell them as they are my "personal heritage" :)

escape said...

wow! looks like you really kept your toys in good condition. im sure those toys has already doubled its price.

LEon said...

Wow! You have EVERYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

uiks..i have Piranha and Vampire also..LOL

and i used to play with my cousins..whom have Switchblade..Manta..Buzzard..Iguana..and

and a few from the good guys ofcoz..

RiP666 said... do love it that too