Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boulevard Shopping Mall @ Kuching

In my recent visit to Kuching, I took the opportunity to visit Boulevard Shopping Mall as I had not been to the mall before.

Initially, I was quite impressed with its size from the outside. The mall is located at Mile 4 (Kuching Serian Road). The regional bus terminal is just next to this mall. Getting here from Kuching city is an issue as I have no idea which bus to take. Taxi is obviously the best option.

There is a small water theme park outside the mall. This should be a nice place to chill out during a hot day.

I was rather disappointed when I entered the building. It is not as big as I had expected. It is basically a 4 storeys shopping complex with the basement completely taken up by the hypermarket. Most of the shops here don't sell expensive branded items. Hence, not targeting the high end user.

I had plan to have my dinner at Manhattan Fish Market but the outlet here had been closed and moved to The Spring. Bummer!

The mall main tenant is the Boulevard Hypermarket and Departmental Store. The Departmental Store is really huge with many choices to choose from. I find the mall boring and basically not the shopping experience I'm looking for.

Sometime there are taxis waiting at the main entrance, in way of the main road. Should there be no taxi, walk down (about 5 minutes) to the regional bus terminal for taxi. The taxi fee is about RM25 from here to the airport.


pusangkalye said...

this mall looks very modern---odd but the 3rd pic--the interior is very much similar to that of our SM-MALL of Asia~~~~

Khin Hooi said...

Miri Boulevard also don't give me a good impression. The supermarket was badly maintained. Probably because of cheaply paid untrained part time workers.

glaiglay said...

wow!! hope we also have like that one here in Davao...hehe