Sunday, April 7, 2024

Terminal Bus Pujut

The last time I travelled by bus to Miri in some 20 years ago and recently I made another trip to Miri by bus there from Sibu. The bus departed at 1.30pm from Sibu and arrived at Miri at 9pm with stops at Selangau, Bintulu and Niah.

Pujut Bus Terminal has served as the long distance bus terminal for Miri as long as I remember. Nothing has changed much here since the last time I was here. The bus terminal was pitch-dark when I arrived here at 9pm with all the sales counters closed.

I been told by the locals here that this bus terminal will be closed down soon and relocated to a site near Miri Hospital.

This post pay homage to this bus terminal which will probably wind down by this month. May the new bus terminal serve Miri better. 

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