Saturday, February 26, 2022

Fly Saeta FS-03 Shuttlecock

Fly Saeta shuttlecock is a new brand of shuttlecock coming out of the market. It is manufactured by Zhejiang Jiangshan Duojiao Industrial Co. Ltd. I did do some testing on their shuttlecock and gave my feedbacks when they were in the development stage. I been told they had made some improvements since then.

The FS-03 is a duck feather shuttlecock and is currently priced at RM 60 per tube. It has a lower price entry as it is not using goose feather for this model.

The manufacturer claim the shuttlecocks they produce complied with the national standard for shuttlecocks, the GB/T 11881-2006.

As I am used to goose feather shuttlecock, it took some adjusting when playing with this shuttlecock. It went out of court easier compared to the goose feather shuttlecock. Its durability is inferior to the goose feather shuttlecock. In a normal play, it could probably last for a set before it starts to deteriorate.

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