Sunday, March 27, 2016

Prost Beer (Indonesian Beer)

Prost Beer is new brand of locally brewed beer in Indonesia. From the packaging at first glance, one would had an impression it was a foreign brand beer. That was what I thought in the first place until I dig more research on it.

It is priced at IDR 16,100 in Hypermart, which is a little bit higher than the usual Heineken or Carlsberg beer in the country.

It is brewed with basic ingredient such as water, malt and hop. According to the packaging, the beer is triple hops and triple cold filtered with alcohol content around 4.8%

It is a typical lager beer which is smooth and easy to drink. Nothing out of the ordinary. I would have been expecting more due to its price tag which is slightly dearer compare to other international beers. Anyway, this beer is worth a try for those avid beer drinkers.