Sunday, May 18, 2014

Red Bull Air Race Putrajaya

Air Racing never caught my interest until recently it was held probably for the very first time in this country. Its awareness programme was held in Pavillion KL a few weeks before the actual race.

The venue for the race was at Putrajaya with its huge lake becomes the race course.

I took this opportunity to experience the race as it is basically held at my "backyard", so to speak and the availability of the free shuttle bus from Putrajaya Sentral to some of the venues.

The first drop point (Zone A) also act as an interchange station was located adjacent to the Seri Gemilang Bridge.

It is a disappointment really as most of the strategic areas had been barricaded and one must purchase a ticket to have a clear view of the race. Even the bridge's pedestrian walkway was cordoned, otherwise it would offer a spectacular view of the race.

I tried my luck and took the buses to other venues, namely the grand stand and race club which is located in the vicinity of Pullman Hotel Putrajaya but it was a total waste of time as most of those areas were cordoned to the public unless one possess a ticket.

It was not a fruitful day but I still able to catch a glimpse of the fast travelling planes at various spots. The best place to watch the entire event without paying any cent would be the Seri Saujana Bridge but it was too late for me after passing it on my way home.

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