Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 CNY Decoration @ Sunway Pyramid

As we enter the year of the horse, this animal can be seen almost everywhere as part of the decoration to usher the new year. Sunway Pyramid takes visitor to experience cultures that revolves around this noble animal.

Themed around Central Asia, the main attraction is the traditional yurt which is a circular shaped portable tent used as a home for nomads.

The furniture inside the yurt is light weight and made of wood. They are carved and painted on the outer front surface.

The nomads appreciate horses, as not only they symbolize agility, determination and strength, they can also survive intense travel period and perform heavy chores. Horses are often portrayed  in the art and paintings on the rugs,  furniture and clothes.

Visitor can also try their archery skill here like how the nomads hunt for their food.