Monday, April 8, 2013

Charter Field Town, Sepang

I do not know how many people knew the existence of this cowboy town but I knew this place during my stay at the adjacent Concorde Inn KLIA a couple of years ago.

Back then Charter Field town is basically 2 row of shops with nothing much happening. Now, it is a thriving town although there are still a number of shop lots still vacant.

The small township mostly serve as a transit point or resting spot for taxi drivers and visitors as it is merely 5 minute drive from the KLIA.

 There are many restaurants and eating places here. This is actually a good news for the those who stay at the nearby Concorde Inn KLIA

It is like a self sustaining town as there are mini market, car workshop, laundry shop, Caltex petrol station and etc here.

Interestingly, the Zone opened a duty free outlet here. This is as good as it get to get a cheaper chocolate, cigarettes, time piece and liquor without going overseas.

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