Saturday, December 1, 2012

RedDot Brewhouse (Boat Quay)

Reddot Brewhouse caught my attention while walking along the historic Boat Quay in Singapore. I was looking for a microbrewery beer here and this is one of a few I can find along Boat Quay.

Inside their menu, it tells the story of the owner's first encounter with beer brewing when he was on a safari holiday at Kruger National Park, South Africa. This is where all the passion began and the creation of a list of their signature beers we see today in their outlets.

I really love their place in Boat Quay. It's comfortable and not too cramp. One can also opt for the seating at the river bank to enjoy the cool night breeze. The beer here is unfiltered and straight from the fermenter and thus retains all the yeast nutrient, original flavour and aroma. All the beers here are served with their own unique designed glass which bears the outlet's name.

Weizen (SGD 11) is their own brew wheat beer with 5% alcohol content. Smooth, refreshing and fruity but still fell short in term of taste when compared to other established German wheat beers.

Czech Pilsner (SGD 11) is a pale gold lager. Dry crisp, a little bitter, very smooth and slightly malty. Alcohol content of 5.5%. Since my first encounter with Czech beer in Prague in 2000, this is the closest I ever been to once again taste the wonderful Czech Pilsner I had long for.

There are other beers to try and I definitely will drop by here again if the opportunity arise.

RedDot Brewhouse
33/34 Boat Quay.

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