Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Air Asia 100th Awesome Plane A320 Livery

I just bought an Air Asia model plane for RM129 and this is a special model as it is the airline's 100th Airbus A320 plane.

When open up, there are a few parts inside it such as the fuselage, wings, engine turbines and elevator.

It only takes a couple of minutes to assemble the parts and the model is capable to stand on its three wheels.

A carefully coined phrase in Mandarin was painted on both sides of the CFM56-5 series engine turbines which reads "100 Dragons Flying High"

A little details of the turbine. Wish the blades could spin. It would be awesome.

One of the main features of the airline's 100th plane is its dragon livery on the body of the aircraft. The aircraft has been operational since February this year and somewhat coincide with the year of the Dragon in Chinese calendar.

Air Asia's Airbus A320 has a seating capacity of 180 passengers in one class. It has a wingspan of 34.1m, length of 35.57m and tail height of 11.76m.

Airbus planes are fitted with fly by wire system where the pilot basically manned the aircraft's computer flight control and the computer will fly the plane.

I travel on Airbus A320 on a regular basis for almost 3 years now. This year alone, I fly onboard an A320 once every fortnight (not that I'm a big fan of Air Asia but I'm running out of option to reach home). Previously, I am a regular on MAS Boeing 737-400 until the controversial share swap deal and reduction in flight frequency.

In fact, I had been onboard all the Air Asia's various livery design except for this one. Wish I could fly with the dragon one day.

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Unknown said...

I really want to search this model since I have onboard it two years ago as AK6456 I think.From Johor Bahru Senai International Airport to Langkawi International Airport.