Monday, February 6, 2012

Sibu Central Market

Sibu Central Market is regarded as the largest market in Sarawak and Malaysia. Located along the Market Road in the centre of the town, it is one of the most recognized landmark which gives the town its character.

The existing Central Market is now also the top tourist spot in town. It was opened in 1996 with the additional multi-storey carpark came afterwards.

At the ground floor, the market was divided into sections according to the goods sold. One can source for local and imported vegetables, fruits, dried fish and prawns, spices, handicraft, flowers, sundry goods, drinks, homemade buns, titbits and etc.

Most tourists will find the way the locals sell the live chickens and ducks intriguing. The bird is wrapped in newspaper and tied with nylon strings.

The meat section is also enjoying a brisk business almost every day. Pork is widely sold on this section.

During the weekends, the tamu section of the Central Market is occupied by the Ibans and Orang Ulus with their exotic jungle food and fruit

Here are some of the jungle food and fruits which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Moving up to the first floor, there are practically more than 100 food and drink stalls. The food price here is usually slightly cheaper than other places in the town due to the low rent.

Also on the first floor are stalls that sell fashion and tailor made items.

On certain spot within the Central Market, visitor will have a breathtaking view of the mighty Rejang River and the Tua Pek Kong Pagoda. Also can be seen here are the newly built pumping station which is part of the flood mitigation project for the town.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, I'd like your opinions on the exotic jungle food. It's really interesting to learn about other cultures (or will it be featured on your upcoming posts?).

escape said...

veggies!!!! hmmmm... i smell great food and healthy lifestyle.