Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Democratic Government Museum @ Malacca

This building, which is adjacent to the Governor's Museum was once the Malacca State Assembly Building and ceased to be used when the Government centred its business and administration including the State Assembly at Ayer Keroh.

Today it is used as the Democratic Government Museum which exhibits information about the system of government, including the democratic system in Malaysia, which spans from the early years of her independence until today

This figures depict the four Malay Melaka authorities, the Bendahara, Laksamana, Temenggung and the Penghulu Bendahari documenting the contents of the Melaka Law and the Melaka Maritime Law prior to its presentation to the Sultan.

Some of the scenes during the Japanese Occupational in Malaya from 1941-1945.

The resistant movement by the locals against British colonization after the Japanese Occupational in Malaya.

The Parliament building in Kuala Lumpur is the symbol of democracy for our country.

Scenes at the polling station when it comes to the election day in our country.


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