Friday, May 20, 2011

Kee Mei Siew Pau

Seremban Siew Pau (baked dumpling) is well known throughout the country. There are many imitations since then and the best can be still found in the original shops which produced the delicacy.

My search for Seremban Siew Pau lead me to Kee Mei Siew Pau which is located at Jalan Dr. Krishnan.

Apparently, this shop is the branch at the centre of Seremban old town. Its main shop must be a distance away from the town.

The Siew Pau (chicken or pork filling) is sold RM 1.20 per piece. The price for a siew pau is steadily on the rise now.

A baked version of the steamed bun, it has crispy exterior but fluffy golden brown fillings of minced chicken or pork. It has been sometime I eaten a siew pau and Kee Mei's product definitely received a thumb up from me.


sync said...

There's a stall selling Kee Mei Seremban Siew Pau and other pastries at one end of SS2 PJ's Wai Sik Kai. Yummy!

keemei said...

Thank you for the supporting and great introduce and now we are in facebook @ 奇美燒包keemei , we are looking forward to serve our fans better =)