Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Air Asia Story

This is one good book to read. The book tells the story of the beginning of Air Asia's eventful history from its humble beginning with only 2 aircrafts to its present day success as the trendsetter among low cost airlines in Asia. It also includes how Air Asia founder, Tony Fernandes bought over the company for RM1 and turned the airline into a successful multi million ringgit business. It sounds like a movie plot but it is actually happened here in Malaysia

Tony Fernandes background, belief and etc are well tailored in this book. It also features the business model used by the airlines to cut cost to the minimum. I also find out there are more ways for the airline to make an income besides its core business (which is selling tickets0. This is something new and I'm amazed by their creativity. The airline has a lot more avenues of income than you might have imagined

One thing I found in common between the founder of the airline and my mentor, Donald Trump is their resilience. The never give up. I believe that is how they have a successful business. The books also go through the airline past and present problem from high fuel price to landing rights.

It is quite an interesting book to read and it make you realized how cost can be further reduced and generate more income from unexpected source.

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